How can women with Fake everything criticize a fake hairline?

"We don’t talk about your fake tits and ass
Leave us alone

I just seen how Nicki Minaj threw Safaree under the bus by saying he had a fake hairline

Then the company who did it his hairline called him and gave him a $500k endorsement deal

The devil will throw bricks in front you but god will make them bricks into steps so u can step up

I be watching how these famous couples break up and never get back together.

U never hear that the man was stalking or trying to get back with the woman

Money may cover surgery for her body
But they can’t fix the brain

That bitch still crazy

I believe Nicki Minaj falling off due to cardi b
And she’s going crazy internally

But how u think lil Kim felt when u ran off with her shit

Karma a bad bitch u get served what u deserve

If your baby mother is struggling
Your kids will struggle

So don’t be spiteful to the mother of your kids..

A real mom take your kids to school , does homework, feeds the kids and be there for them

While u out having fun or in them streets she home with them kids

I believe u can have a great friendship or partnership with the other parent

U have to extract the feelings , emotions and ill will towards the fact that y’all ain’t make it and do it for the kids

You can’t take your kids father through the system because you mad at him if he’s trying to be a father

U don’t win , the system does
U can’t get no money from a dead man or a man behind bars

Child support is for absent parents
Not failed relationships

Alot of you niggaz that think with your mushroom tip instead of your brain

U round here in the strip club peeing inside these pretty strippers talking about u want a pretty Baby

That Pretty Baby momma gonna put your ass on ugly ass child support

U can brain wash your child as an infant
But one day that child will grow up and find out the truth Just Like u did

Bitter baby mommas be like I don’t want my kids around your new bitch

She trains the kids to hate your woman
To cause confusion in your new relationship

She see u done found someone who looks better , younger and makes u happy

She sees the new Bitch got a better job than her , better car than her and the House always clean

Bitch move on I’m not coming back
Even if I can’t find somebody else I won’t be coming back to your tired ass

Everything good u do for the kids don’t count but as soon as u don’t do what she wants u to do YOU THE BAD DAD NIGGA

co-parenting involves 2 parents
And it’s not fair to drag your baby daddy just because your relationship didn’t work

That child is innocent and should not be held accountable for his father actions

If the child resembles the parent that u are no longer with u cannot hate the child

Because that child that is your least favorite
Is always the one that will make it

U ain’t have love in your house growing up
But u still love these hoes

U ain’t have a daddy but u still ain’t turn out to be a hoe"

Nino Brown

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