Tekashi 6ix9ine Explains Why Your Favorite Rapper Fell Off

Tekashi 6ix9ine has his own theory on why some rappers fall off.

"I got a quick little message for the whole world right now, and this is specifically for rappers but for the fans too so y'all could understand why your favorite rapper fell off," he said. "The reason y'all fall off, and y'all can't produce another fucking hit is because y'all think y'all too cool. When a rapper thinks you too cool, you fall off. Your whole fanbase don't give a fuck about you."

He also went on to say rappers need to be way more self-deprecating.

"Bro, make fun of yourself sometimes," Tekashi advised. "Sometimes, you can't be that cool person. I don't give a fuck. I could be a fan of another artist. I'm on top of the game right now. I'll stand in front of the show, in front row and sing all the lyrics. My favorite rapper is Lil Baby, and I'm not scared to say I'm too cool for it. I could beef with them and tell them niggas, 'Yo fuck you.' But I'll still be a fan."

As a veteran in the game would you take this advice from a successful 22year old in the same field ?

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