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[Video] @OfficialJonB 'Priceless'

Veteran singer Jon B. has been a bit quiet on the new music front since releasing his standout single “Understand” with Donell Jones earlier this year. The song was an extremely successful return single and really maxed out the anticipation for a…

Mixtape Spotlight (Click On Cover)




This is the kind of Beef that is dragging Hip Hop into the gutter. Kat Stacks obviously slept with half the signed artists in Hip Hop then clowns them when she is done. It is a win win situation for her as her name gets bigger and bigger which will lead to money or a reality show somewhere down the line. She airs someone out every week and with the Game she really crossed the line. You dont talk about anybodies dead relatives that can get you in a plot right next to them.

The Game has once again aired out Kat Stacks, hurling disses at the self-proclaimed rap groupie via Twitter.

In his messages, Game blasts Stacks’ image and role as a mother.

“@ihatekatstacks B*TCH, wantin u 2 catch AIDS & die is probably the only thing me & @50cent got n common. Go swallow a teaspoon of rat poison,” Game tweeted Thursday (August 26).

“@ihatekatstacks B*tch you are a tour bus. “ya p*ssy smell like the exhaust, ya a**hole BLOWN like a tire & you can fit 30 n*ggas in you.”

“@ihatekatstacks all you do is fly around America suckin d*cks 4 FREE.”

“da bureau of child welfare got ya son & instead of fightin 4 him back, u suckin wee wee’s & tweetin. #deadBEATmommysomebody help this b*tch”

“& the sh!t u just said about my grandma RIP gone get u jumped by 6 buff midget b*tches. ah would tell u stay low, but thats where they’ll b”

“@ihatekatstacks One day you gone Internally Drown in all that cum in ya stomach. More kids in ya stomach then all the projects in New York.” (Game’s Twitter)

Stacks proceeded to defend herself and taunted Game with a handful of tweets.

“Your mom taught me how to suck d*ck & your dad taught me how to get money when a d*ck up my a** @thegame,” she tweeted yesterday.

“B*tch what are you talking my son is at home with me go f*ck your dead grandmother @thegame.”

“f*g with butterfly tatted on ur face claiming its for dead wh*re grandmother why did u cover it up then @thegame.

“i dont know whos face looks worse, urs or ur dead grandmother 6 feet under @thegame.” (Kat Stacks’ Twitter


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