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Saigon – Bring Me Down Pt. 2 (VIDEO)

If “you ever get the feeling, no matter what they do, no matter what they say, you know you’ll make it someday” you should listen to Bring Me Down: Part 2 by Saigon. As Saigon marches through the yard of the streets, “high but not from a drug, it’s not drink, it’s not from a night at the club” he telling his “greatest story” filled with emotions that are challenging oppression.

Bring Me Down: Part 2 is an anthem of self-worth. The visuals provided display a portrait of Saigon marching towards his self-proclaimed victory as an emerging, yet established artist toting a flag throughout the video that represents his mission “Hip/Hop.” Now, the only question is “how does the Saigon story end!”

Bring Me Down: Part 2 appears on “The Greatest Story Never Told,” which is available for purchase online & in stores.

Brought to you in part via STUPIDDOPE.COM

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