Rich Dollaz Ex-Girl Goes Off On Erica Mena + Somebody Is Allegedly Sexing For Weed !! OOOHHGAWWWDD!

On the last episode of "Love & Hip Hop," Rich Dollaz sent his old boo Tiffany on a reconnaissance mission to spy on his new boo Erica Mena. According to rumors, the two women ended up sleeping together, and on Twitter Mena admitted to letting Tiffany give her head.

"'@lilakeys21: @Erica_Mena & Tiffs had sex!! wow.' Nah I made her give me head then sent her back home in a $1.00 van," tweeted Erica.

In a Baller Alert post on their Instagram summing up the drama, Tiffany took to the comment box to air out Erica's secrets.

"B***h at least I feed my son!! Ddnt I drop u off to envy's hotel room b4 his flight left so u can f**k him for a stack!?!? B***h in the same car service that took me to rich house after we dropped ur slut a** off," said Tiffany. "Remember that b***h! Ur bday night infinity b***h!"

She continued, "This b***h is f***ing for bags of weed sound like a crackhead when she use to call me saying ill eat ur p***y just bring me a bag plsssss! Remember that b***h. I got 5 months of stories on @iamerica_mena so this b***h better chill. U called me every night trying to eat my p***y! After the 1st night I was like na keep that stretchy sh*t over there!"

Tiffany continued to fire shots at Mena, which elicited a response from the offended reality star.

"@tiffysway keep running your mouth with your made up lies stalker!! Lmfao look at all the time you waste on me?!? Do you really think people care or believe what you say," asked Erica.

The comments go on, but you get the point. Smh. Check out tweets related to the drama above.

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