Mom grateful for support after child hurt in road accident

Jaya and her mother, Jazmine Minors.

FRIDAY, DEC. 2: The mother of a child involved in an alleged hit and run accident has thanked the public for their support.

Jazmine Minors, 22, spoke to the Bermuda Sun after her four-year-old daughter Jaya Tucker was hurt crossing the road near Devonshire Recreation Club.

A 68-year-old woman from Smith's has been arrested in connection with the incident and her car was impounded.

Ms Minors said her 11-year-old sister took Jaya to the club’s field to play early yesterday evening. A few minutes later, Jaya decided she wanted to go home.

“They came out of the gate and they were standing on the side to come across the street.

“My sister put her foot in the road then she heard a car coming so she pulled back...”

It was reported in a police statement earlier this morning that “the female driver of the vehicle involved has been identified and inquiries are ongoing”.

Ms Minors, who was across the street at her mom’s home when the accident occurred, told us she called police while at the scene. She also gave a detailed description of the car.

Ms Minors told us her daughter suffered road rash and also bruised tissue under her ribs.

After the accident Ms Minors reached out via BlackBerry Messenger, appealing for help from the public in identifying the car driver.

She told us: “I am thankful and a lot of people have been calling me and I just want to thank the public for their support.

“All I want is for justice to be served.”

Police confirmed the incident in their press release this morning: “It appears that around 6pm a car was travelling on Frog Lane, Devonshire when it collided with a pedestrian.

“The car then left the scene. The victim, a four-year-old Southampton girl, was treated at KEMH for relatively minor injuries and later released.

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