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Hit Producer For YC's 'Racks' Sonny Digital Talks Collabo

'He just knew that it was gonna be a hit,' Sonny D tells Mixtape Daily about Atlanta MC's ear for audio gold.

Behind the Beats: Sonny Digital

With its pounding kick, kinetic drum roll, melodic synths and catchy hooks, it's easy to see why ATL rapper YC's "Racks" is a hit. Though the recording is slowly climbing up the Billboard chart, according to the track's producer, Sonny Digital, a few well-known rappers passed up on the beat.

"I know I sent it to a couple of people because I remember I'd go back and tell 'em after the song got hot, 'You dudes go re-check your email and you gonna see that I sent that beat to him,' " Sonny relayed to Mixtape Daily. "Now they mad at it like, 'I done looked over that beat; it could've been my hit.' "

Atlanta producer Sonny D didn't want to name too many names, but he did finger rapper Gorilla Zoe, with whom he has close ties, as one of the culprits. "Zoe probably heard [the beat] before anybody though."

Eventually, it would be Yung Chris, a.k.a. YC, who would take Sonny's beat and turn it to audio gold. Chris ended up with the track, though initially, SD didn't remember sending it to him. "The way I found out about the record, YC had brought it to me one day at the studio," he recalled. "It wasn't finished at the time, but he had played it for me and he was like, 'This is gonna be a hit.' He was real confident in the song. He didn't even have his parts laid down yet, but he just knew that it was gonna be a hit. So I was just behind him."

Lucky for SD. "Racks," which is slang for a $1,000 stack of money, now has tons of rappers calling the producer. As of now, Sonny Digital is slated to work with Gorilla Zoe, Soulja Boy, Roscoe Dash, Rick Ross, Plies and newcomer Future. We bet they're checking their emails now.


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