Crown Republik presents "A Titled Crown"

"A Tilted Crown" 


Q: Who is Ran Blacc? 


A: Woww, Hmmm I guess you could some it all up by say Ran Blacc is a collection of all my other personalities. Ran Blacc is sorta like the Black Lion from Voltron! (Humbly Laughs) For Real... 


Q: How many OTHER personalities are there? 


A: I use to only think there were only a couple but as I've ventured deeper into this music and the older I've gotten I've discovered more. 


Q: Have you named them all? If that's the proper way to ask that question? 


A: Yea, There's "Hugh Hus" he's the gangsta, the street, the protector. Then there's "Scholar Hogg" he's the voice of reason, the old soul. And lastly there's "Blacc & Mild" he's the calm, the love, the RnB. 


Q: Really creative! Was this a marketing plan or are these personalities actually part of you? 


A: Naww no gimmicks, this is me! 1000%! Each personality holds its place in my daily. Kinda like the angel n devil sitting on your shoulders but instead of that devil or angel it's truly my other egos or personalities I'm addressing. Sounds crazy I'm sure but it's been a part of me for as long as I can remember. Different sides of me. My Alter Egos. 


Q: So what's in the future for Ran Blacc, his Alter Egos and the rest of Crown Republik Ent? 


A: Who knows! (Slight Chuckle) Nooo really who knows! Our journey has been a constant changing plan. That's what I think makes us so diverse, unique and dominant in this business game. Over the last 4 years alone, we've dropped 13 projects... Yeaaa 13 and that's mixtapes, compilations, gospel, hip hop, trap & r&b! You name it we've probably done it. We've opened our clothing line "Crown Republik Apparel" 3 yrs ago and it's booming. We've also established our distribution company "Crown Music" thru Empire distribution within the last 2 yrs. Our modeling department is taking off as well as a partnership with T.Harris Productions to build our visuals all within the last yr. Not to mention I inked an Ambassador contract with "Soul Central Magazine" for the next 3 years. So... I say all that to say OUR future is most definitely bright. 


Q: Any new music you've been working on? Or any new artists you've been working with lately? 


A: Tons of new music coming! I mean good god, all we've been doing is planning, writing and recording! We've got 3 new EPs XI da' MC and myself are working on named "The Brotherhood Project", "Out Of My Mind" and "Momma's Boi". As well as a joint venture mixtape with Hand It Over Entertainment's CEO / Artist "King Que". Yeaa tons of new work coming, that I promise! 


Q: What do you think is most important about remaining independent in this music business? 


A: Creativity & Control. Being able to change our minds mid way through an idea or project ;regardless, has been key. Or having the abilities to trim the fat whenever and where ever possible or needed. These few things have helped us stay afloat and on top independently for more than 7 yrs. 


Q: Let's talk solo work, anyone you've always wanted to work with? 


A: Yea of course!! I've always loved Devin the Dude, masterful with his story telling. I've always wanted to work with Quincy Jones, 50, Ludacris, Drake, J Prince and Ryan Leslie. I've been mentored by musically talented producer Sixx John the last 5 or so yrs and I'd say I've had my far share of Introductions to the music elite. But a lot of my favorite artists are underground or started out underground. 


Q: Last question... Reading over your media packets, bio and background, you are a very inspirational person. Where do you find your motivation or daily inspiration? 


A: The almighty above. Everyday is not a good day, but they all ain't bad either. I try to remember that daily. Wake up, pray and say thanks to the almighty above for waking me and continue throughout the day trying to find the positive in all situations! It's funny, the almighty blesses us with many blessings daily and most times we are too busy caught up in something minuet to even notice them all. I've tried to slow down and count my blessings. Very enlightening and humbling experience.

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