Check Out The [Video] Vinsane x Streetz - "Bonkers"

Vinsane x Streetz



"Emerging chicago Indie music label Coterie Records provides us with their latest effort from their franchised and very charismatic Golden Era like rap artist who goes by the name Vinsane. The Wild 100's /Huncho emcee is accompanied by one of his partners in rhyme who goes by Stateboy Streetz as they give a tit for tat lyrical performance. The song entitled "Bonkers" is also produced by chicago's very own Dekaderse and the visual is directed by Coterie Films, the labels very own video production team.

Artist: Vinsane ft. Stateboy Streetz
Title: Bonkers
Contact: instagram @vinsane_coterie @king_t_streetz/
Twitter @vinsane_coterie @coterierecords/ records/

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