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#ArtistSpotlight : Meet Dj Dyber ( @DyberVuitton )

Interview by King Aubrey
For those who might not be familiar with you, Who is Dyber?

I was born in Hartford CT and raised in the suburbs and couldn't afford college and wanted to make music just being a DJ/ producer so I joined the US Navy to pursue my dreams or music i just saw a positive in serving my country getting paid and using that money for music equipment.. Dyber is my last name so I just used my last name as my DJ/ Artist name since its an uncommon name,

How did you get involved with the Coke Boys?

I was cool with Max B and used to roll to his shows in CT with him and his crew and guys I knew from Hartford. I met French from that and then I started to roll with french to shows in Hartford and then worked with Max and then French and then from there I just link with people in his crew, Droop Pop, Cheese, Stats and Later Brock and Chinx and just keeped workin hard makeing good music..

How would you explain your style as far as music goes?

I like to make sould/ RNB music with that early 2002-06 sound and I like Trap music too, I'm cool with everyone out here movin and shakin and they need that Trap music from there boy in the V

Who were some of your inspirations/influences in music?

Used to be Pharrel and Kanye They were my 2 favorite artist, now I think its Drake and 2 chains

Where is the battleship project with you and Dj Stylez?

Its done just waiting for the promo to be rapped up and then its dropin,

Whats next for Dyber?? Are there any other mixtapes in the work and
are you interested in dropping a album?

Yea Suburb Trappin 2 "Prince of Darkness" and The wavy seal 2 "Home from deployment is about to drop"
My album will probably be called "DYBER" and I've been workin on it for a while just take time,

What are you feelings on the state of hip hop right now?

I like soul and Trap Im not a fan of that backpack rap and cypher rap just not for me , and now a days if your not getting money in the street then you have like 1% chance of gettin money from music

Who are some of you favorite producers to work with?

J rocwell, Cash jordan and everyone else thats cool with the DNC "Dyber & Co" Fam

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Will you still be doing music?
I would like to have my own reality show on Tv that has to do with just my life like the Kardashins show,

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