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441 Breaking News: Three shots fired in Court Street

Three shots were fired at a Court Street store this morning — just hours after one man was shot dead and another injured in a shooting.

The shots were fired at C&R Discount, at the junction of Court and Elliot streets at 10 a.m.. It is not known if anyone has been arrested. It was the same shop where two people were shot at in May.

Raymond Burgess, who works at C&R Discount, was in the store when shots rang out. He said in May that he was lucky to be alive after a man burst into his store firing shots, which struck him and his son.

Today he said: “I heard one gun shot. The stores on Court Street are now closed and Police are everywhere.”

He said Police had not been on Court Street prior to the shootings and he was not aware of anyone being injured as a result. As for concerns about his safety he said: “You can’t predict the future, anything can happen.”

Gavin Smith of Chewstick was in the charity’s North Hamilton headquarters at the time of this morning’s shooting.

“We heard the shots. I thought I heard two then it was a clear ‘pop’. At first, I thought it wasn’t what we think it was. The guy walked across the shop and ran the other way with the gun out.”

A witness who didn’t want to be named also said he saw the gunman.

“I heard two — what I distinctly know to be — gun shots. It came from this intersection. About a minute or so later, I saw a young person, I would say they were about 5ft 3ins, 5ft 4ins tops, running down the street. He definitely had the gun drawn. His hands were in the position. He had on, I believe, dark pants, a dark mask covering his nose and mouth, and ran in the direction of that intersection. I didn’t see anything else.

“I am a concerned businessperson. There’s a continued effort to bring commerce and entrepreneurship and whenever we have drive-bys with weaponry it restricts and hurts the area.”

A link with a fatal shooting in Sandys last night and a shooting which injured another man in Warwick this morning has not been ruled out.

Acting Chief Inspector Calvin Smith said: “This morning we heard gun shots. No one was injured as a result. We don’t know how many shots were fired but there were at least three.”

He said a man was involved in a Police chase around the same time but “at this stage, it’s an unrelated matter but he was arrested at Parsons Road”.

He continued: “We have put additional resources — and once again we say that we need the public support. If you know anything, let us know. Of late, we have had some good success and that came from people assisting the Police. If you tell us, we’re going to go and do it.”

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