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Tickets to Dark Knight Rises' Midnight Show on Sale For $150

The excitement for the final Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises, is building at a warped speed.

After advanced tickets for the midnight showing for the new flick went on sale and sold out quickly after, scalpers have listed tickets at inflated prices of up to 80 percent.

The common price for midnight showing tickets has reached a whopping $150 with prices continuing to skyrocket. Scalpers are hoping that the benefits of seeing a movie first such as less chance for spoilers and feeding curiosity and excitement will cause fans to pay the heavily increased ticket prices.

While fans may be tempted to cough up the cash, their efforts may be in vain if ticket agencies discover that their tickets are those that have been re-sold. Though it is unclear how movie ticketing agencies enforce anti-resold ticket policies, Fandago claims that any re-sold ticket is declared invalid.

Would you pay $150 just to be the first to see the highly-anticipated final Batman movie?

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