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Teen Girl Arrested After Brutal Fight Over Twitter Beef ( Sh*t Just got real for her #OHWELL ) + Video

Tashay D. Edwards, a 19-year-old Ohio native, was arrested Monday (April 16) after brutally assaulting another young girl over a Twitter beef. A video of the incident, filmed by Edwards’ friends, was posted to WorldStar Hip-Hop on Wednesday (April 18), and the girls received internet fame instantly. With over 2 million views by the afternoon, the entire ordeal has been a trending topic on the social network.

In the one-minute clip, Edwards arrives to the victim’s house, brings up the Twitter argument and proceeds to drag, stomp and beat the girl from her door to the sidewalk. The scene is quite graphic and is a sad realization of how seriously things can be taken over “disrespectful” behavior on the internet.

Honestly, the images these young girls absorb from watching reality TV don’t help. These acts are celebrated and praised, which is clearly seen by several of the Twitterverse reactions. Without placing too much blame solely on others, watching grown women bicker, fight and attempt to kill one another over blog posts or what they perceive to be slick comments is seemingly affecting the minds of the youth.

Throw a blow over a blog? Drag a girl from her home over an e-shot? What’s next?!

Video Of Attack Below ( She Thrashed Poor lil homegirl tho )

Source : vibevixen.com

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