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Sizzla Not Dead – Sizzla Kalonji False Death Reports Surface After Accident

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Sizzla is not dead. False death reports about Sizzla Kalonji are swirling uncontrollably Saturday; the fame reggae musician, however, confirmed to news just Thursday that he is doing well after a recent accident. Unlike other recent fake celebrity death stories, today’s allegations about Sizzla don’t appear to have originated from the usual dubious origins.

Sizzla Kalonji two days ago confirmed to news that he is doing well and is anxious to return to his music. In a news statement Thursday, Sizzla said “I am feeling very strong, healthy, and I am coming along well. Thanks to the Most High Jah Rastafari.”

In August 2011, Sizzla was initially listed in critical condition in a Kingston hospital after a near fatal motorcycle accident. The beloved artist was airlifted by St Ann’s Bay hospital officials to Kingston after the horrific accident. News reports at the time listed injures to his arms, ribs, collar bone, and liver.

In a news statement at the time, Sizzla’s reps said “as strong and resilient as his messages, we look forward to seeing him on a powerful journey towards healing. He is surrounded by lots of love from his family and friends. Please continue to keep him in your prayers.” The rep added “The family is pleased with the outpouring of love that has been coming from all over the island and internationally.”

Born Miguel Collins, the beloved talent was injured after a local bus in St Ann’s Bay struck his motorcycle and reportedly didn’t stop. Within days of the accident, however, publicist Olimatta Taal confirmed Sizzla’s condition had improved immensely; the singer was quickly eating and talking to family. Then, after ten days in the hospital, on September 3, Sizzla was released.

While Sizzla is anxious to return to the stage, his reps also recently told news that no concert dates have yet been determined for 2011 and 2012.

For unclear reasons, online reports today are erroneously claiming Sizzla has died. On Twitter, fan reaction erupted shortly before 2 pm PST today. “Is Sizzla really dead?” wrote one of many readers within the hour. “So people … saying Sizzla is dead, but I can’t find anything online! “I PRAY this is [false...] because he’s one of my favorite artists” another writes. Strangely, many of the fake death reports about Sizzla today are being posted by DJ profiles.

UPDATE: One source of the fake Sizzla death has now been revealed. The same author that has falsely reported David Beckham, DJ Tiesto, and David Guetta as dead is now posting the same fake story with Sizzla’s name. The fake Sizzla death report today is the exact same as the fake Beckham, Tiesto stories.

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