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Police Brutality: Bermudian Fajr Bashir's Testimony of a life threatening experience with US Police

Bermudian Victim Of Police Brutality In America (Fajr Bashir) Tells Her Story Of A First Hand Experience With Police (Story Below)
"This is me (Pictured Above)I know I look pretty jacked up in this pic....it's a mug shot. Almost 4 years ago, while I was in fitness school, I was attacked by police in Florida, pepper sprayed in my eyes, face and all over my head, kicked and slammed to the ground by 2 male police officers....reason???! I found them beating up my brother and I asked them why they were beating on him....they told me to get the f*ck back....I asked a second time and they responded to me with violence.... It didn't end there....once I was arrested I was taken to a room (I couldn't see where I was going) and repeatedly splashed with buckets of water...I want you to remember I was pepper sprayed....water makes the burning sensation far worse.....the police knew this but they wanted to torture me....I began hyperventilating, couldn't breath properly...thought I was going to die...for what reason?!?!? Hmmmmmmm let me guess.... So now whenever you google my name this crazy pic comes up and it says I was a arrested....its humiliating and disturbing...up until today I couldn't bare to look at this picture because I found it deeply troubling and embarrassing. I couldn't read people's post about police killings and brutality because it struck me to the core as I've experienced first hand the hate and affects of police brutality in the U.S...enough is enough! It needs to stop NOW!!!! Innocent blood will continue shed as the hate is so deep it's incomprehensible. When I got home from jail the next day (yes they locked me up) i told my landlord (white man from Florida) what happened.....he said I'm lucky I came home in one piece...because it is common for police to viciously beat their victims leaving serious and permanent damage...he said sometimes they go out to specifically target and kill blacks and dispose of the bodies.I instantly felt like I was spared. Do you know there is a system put in place that serves no justice...that further oppresses and humiliates the victim....!?!? I know this post may fall on deaf ears and be forgotten tomorrow but just to bring to your awareness that this is REAL....it happens to REAL INNOCENT BLACK people everyday.... Not asking for sympathy on my behalf but when you see people protesting BLACK LIVES MATTER this is why..... Just like we get outraged and want to protect all the endangered and threatened species in the world, BLACK PEOPLE are being attacked and have been done so for farrrrrrrrrrrrr too long....especially in the U.S. I think it is sad that people have to protest and actually say BLACK LIVES MATTER....what times are we living in that the color of your skin is still a REAL issue? Part of my personal healing is writing and sharing this post with you....facing the ugly realities of this world and growing from it. Please support the movement towards equality and justice for all.
I must add: if you are ever pulled over by police or witness to any form police brutality, even if it's someone you closely love, stay as calm as you can, pull out your phone and record it. This will be your best bet if you ever have to provide evidence for a case. I was given this advice by a one of the prison guards.

Written By Fajr Bashir

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