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#GAMEON : Meek Mill Challenges Any Battle Rapper To Face Him ( Dna calls him out )

Meek Mill just may be the next big name in hip-hop to step into the battle ring and exchange some lyrical blows with some of the battle elite since Canibus tried, but failed not too long ago. He posted his eagerness to face-off against any battle rapper on his Twitter account while he was watching the recently released D.N.A. vs E-Ness battle.

Meek also claimed that he has a battle rap record of 100-1 since he was 14-years-old. D.N.A. responded briefly to Meek's Twitter challenge, warning him that battling is much different than making music, however he accepted the challenge to go at it with him.

Do you think Meek has what it takes to exchange bars with these true battle MC's or is he going to fall into a body bag like Canibus did? Who do you think he would have a good chance against?

Will we see DNA VS Meek Mill Battle ??? Stay tuned it might just happen .

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