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DBoyLo - Looking 4 Me | Dir. By @HaitianPicasso
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Checking out "Norway cruise ship reaches port after hundreds of passengers eva" on ThisIs80:
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Ah wha dem dweeeet fa 80promos 😂
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Mixtape Spotlight (Click On Cover)

Facts Of Life : A shoulder to cry on will turn into a d!ck to ride on

Some people will hurt you but then act like u hurt them

We gotta be honest as a man
If u done slept with 1 million girls
it will never compare to that one time u catch your woman cheating with one Nigga

When u point a finger at someone just remember it’s four more pointing back at u

The truth is most women that are married to celebrities cheat with

*the personal trainer
*The bodyguard
*The driver
*The hype man

It’s not about the money when it comes to a woman . It’s about emotions

A shoulder to cry on will turn into a d!ck to ride on

Once u start seeing that the person u thought was playing on ya team with u is against you YOU START PLAYING FOR YOURSELF

That’s why u have build your woman up as high as u can so none of these broke ass n!ggas can reach her

U so busy breaking her down so low that a homeless Nigga can fuck your girl

Her insecurities and emotions play a role when u attacking her mentality in a argument

Just because your woman don’t catch u cheating doesn’t mean u in the clear

She ain’t got see u doing it
If she feelin that and u not reassuring her
She will react

Especially if u are in the entertainment business, truck driving business Club Promotiong or drug dealing business

U taking her granted
U neglecting her

That fire in your house use to be hot
Now u let it cool off cuz u in them streets

Being in a relationship is a full time job
It’s just Like raising a child
U can’t forget that Baby there

When u issuing out cheating
U gotta be willing to take it

Karma a bad bitch that’s always on her period

How u mad at your girl because she not doing what she use to do when u not doing what u use to do

This a two way street
Unless your girl is weak dumb or vulnerable she will mirror your actions

If u can’t take that cold blooded mirror
Fix the picture

Look at all the rappers who have good women in their life
They’re mental health is stable and their only focused on winning because they’re happy

Look at the rappers who are married to hoes or Just deal with hoes
They are not able to create the best music because they’re unstable

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