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#CELEBNEWS : The Rihanna Wars: Analyzing the Chris Brown x Meek Mill x Drake Twitter Beef

Chris Brown. Meek Mill. Drake. They have something in common. They’ve all planted their flag in a fertile landmark. Ok, I’m talking about Rihanna. They’ve all dated Rihanna. There. I said it.

Over the weekend, this shared conquest sparked drama when Chris Brown found out that Meek Mill (despite this denial) has been messing with his ex- RiRi. He then removed Meek Mill from his upcoming single “Don’t Judge Me.”
Meek reacted by tweeting (and then deleting) this:

I’m not familiar with “watch the throne” as a sexual euphemism, but we get the point…and Chris Brown did too. He immediately responded:

Of course, Meek Mill fired back….
and even Drake jumped in on the twitter beef action (the second time he’s done so in a week!)
But somehow, Rihanna ended up taking the L…

More from the Chris Brown vs. Meek and Drake pissing contest…
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Meek Mill responded to Chris Brown’s reference to his Dreamchasers 2 mixtape, by tweeting:

Then, a few hours later, Meek’s Club Paradise tour buddy and fellow Rihanna-throne-watcher Drake jumped in and tweeted:

PAUSE PAUSE PAUSE PAUSE PAUSE : To Read The Rest Of What Was Said Log On To http://www.missinfo.tv/index.php/chris-brown-beef-with-meek-mill-dr...

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