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Demarcus - Who You Are

Who you are is a song of emotion, love and inspiration for people and women of all decent to be who you are.See More

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Firm links AC hygiene to cost savings Business sterilizes AC units to boost efficiency and reduce power bills

Mohamed Hamza: Just because you can’t see a health hazard, he says, does not mean it is not there. *Photo & Story by Raymond Hainey
Air conditioning units can harbour a host of bugs and cause potentially serious health problems, warns businessman Mohamed Hamza.

Dirty AC units can harbour bacteria, mould and fungus, which can spark asthma, allergies and other immune system problems, as well as fatigue, sore throats and eyes.

The units could even harbour the potentially fatal Legionnaire’s Disease.

But Mr Hamza’s Dragonfly Consulting offers a service to sterilize air conditioning units — which also increases efficiency and cuts down on power bills — in homes and offices.

Mr Hamza said: “In a child who is allergic, a dirty air conditioner can even cause pulmonary oedema, which is swelling on the lungs.


“Some of the things which can lurk in air conditioning units are immune suppressants, so they will depress the immune system.

“A lot of people don’t understand that the symptoms they have can be so subtle that they don’t even link it to their air conditioning .

“You can even catch Legionnaire’s Disease, which can be found in air conditioners, although it’s more often found in ducting systems.

“The moral is that, just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there or that it’s not harmful to health.”

Mr Hamza said that the moist and warm conditions in A/C units were an ideal breeding ground for a host of nasties.

He added that cleaning filters was not enough to ensure good air quality – important as Bermudians spend up to 90 per cent of their time indoors.

He said: “When your air conditioning is treated by our technicians this is the only treatment available which not only cleans your air conditioning unit, but protects your home by inhibiting the growth of potentially toxic contaminants for up to twelve months.”

Satisfied customer Jo Grieg, of PVC Windows and Doors, in Hamilton’s Serpentine Road, said the firm had serviced two of its air conditioning units, one less than two years old.

She added: “One was quite old and on opening, it was found to be extremely filthy.

“Mo spent a couple of hours cleaning it and the resulting bucket of muck was very impressive.

“The other AC, less than two years old and, although the inside did not appear to be dirty, it now works very efficiently, with the staff turning the temperature gauge up to avoid being frozen on the job.”

Ms Greig said: “The bill came as a pleasant surprise – it was very reasonable indeed.”

Appointments for cleaning can be arranged by contacting Steve Martin on 705 7173.

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